We are grateful for the support of our local Bunnings Store and the activities’ organiser, April Wilkinson. Bunnings is our primary source of fundraising which is mostly through their community barbecues and other opportunities they give us. We have built sheds in store and recently undertook making items out of old pallet wood. These were to be displayed in store. Our reward is a couple of vouchers we can put towards stock or tools etc.

Bunnings logo    Workwork items

Bunnings Plant Displays

Plant displays made from old pallets

Plant Displays

Plant display built from old pallets from Bunnings

Plant displays made with pallets

Plant displays made with pallets


Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel made for Bunnings.

Bunnings asked if we could build a Spinning Wheel for them. They are great supporters of the local community so it was a pleasure to be able to do this for them.


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