Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of our most asked questions. For more information please contact us on (03) 5941 2389.

What is the cost of a membership?

Currently the only annual fee which is levied on members is for insurance and this is currently $25 which is due on the 28th February. In addition each week there is an attendance fee of $2 which covers room hire this is not required on your first visit. A voluntary contribution of $1 per week payable each Wednesday goes towards the Christmas break up or you may wish to pay this as a lump sum prior to the function. if you wish to go on the day trips their may be a small charge depending on the event.

Why do I have to pay insurance?

Unfortunately insurance is a necessary evil that we have to pay in every aspect of our lives. Attending the shed is no different, whether your in the workshop or the art group etc the shed and its members need to be fully covered. A copy of the insurance is always available to you.

How do I know what's going on?

The shed has a number of ways of advising you what is happening these include:

  1. “Facebook” – Our Facebook administrator Henry Berry will allow you access to our Facebook page once your membership is approved.
  2. “Calendar of Events” sheet, current one is attached to this notice.
  3. “Newsletters” – generally produced once every two months these are available on Wednesdays.
  4. Wednesday meetings twice a month
I have a disability, am I still welcome?

Yes, Of course! You are more than welcome to participate to the best of your ability.

Do I have to attend each week?

Attendance to any of the sessions is voluntary. However if you fail to attend a couple of sessions which you would normally be a part. Then you may well receive a phone call from one of our care team to check if everything is ok; we value you and your health.

Am I allowed to share my opinion?

Letting us know how you feel is welcomed whether it be you’d like to see a new group established or your not happy with something thats going on. Let us know, will we always be able to satisfy your opinion, maybe, maybe not but we will take it into account. For example this welcome sheet was inspired by a member who had an opinion.

Why do we have to take part in fundraising?

Without fundraising we would not be able to function as a group. The costs of running a small group is often higher than people imagine. It is expected that once or twice a year you take part in one of our fundraising activities. This is generally for 2 – 3 hours or so. Each year in October at the AGM a copy of the group financials is available and copies are kept on file.

Am I allowed to attend committee meetings?

Our current President Geoff Fluck encourages any member to attend committee meetings. Meetings are generally held at his home in lakeside.

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