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Welcome to The Cardinia Men’s Shed

Cardinia Men’s Shed believes in supporting members of our community; we do this in a number of ways and through different organisations. Like all Men’s Sheds we started as a support network for men in the community. Since its beginning in 2012, Cardinia Men’s Shed has grown from 10 members to now having over 50.

Its purpose is to support primarily, the older males in the community by providing and involving them in a variety of activities.It is hoped this will have a positive affect on their health and provide them with support should they suffer health issues. In addition we mentor youth through programs like “The Couch Project” and on Thursdays our woodwork classes at the shed are open to women who really want to hone in on their skills. 

The shed is very community minded seeking to assist where they are able. We also have guest speakers come in on a regular basis to discuss important topics like health and senior services, as well as areas of expertise.  

The Shed also offers other opportunities such as day trips to places where our members have shown sufficient interest, this includes Men’s Sheds in other areas.


Cardinia Men’s Shed Executive

President: Geoff Fluck

0438 334 030

Vice President: Roger Barnett

Born in the UK Roger came to Australia in 1979 on a round the world trip and stayed. A keen sportsman he represented Warwickshire in both Rugby Union and Cricket at the U15 level. After requiring a knee reconstruction in the early eighties he took up golf which he enjoyed socially. His working life has been in Sales in mainly plumbing related industries, after an illness which left him in a wheel chair and on crutches and no longer able to work full time. His son encouraged him to get out and meet new people and this led to him joining the shed in 2014. He credits his volunteering with giving him the motivation to help others in the community.

Secretary: Ken Hordern

0404 755 185

Treasurer: Stuart Dennis


Contact Us Today For More Information

For any further information on our shed or activities please contact reception on (03) 5941 2389 or send an email to info@cardiniamensshed.org.au and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Cardinia Men’s Shed